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Contributing to this project

Please, read the complete contents of this document in order to avoid miscomunication or wasting your own free time. This document declares how to contribute to this project.


This project has no public roadmap. This means that I'm not disclosing what I'm working on when I'm working on this project. This is intended at this moment for this project because the project is not mature or stable enough and is still under development.

This also means that the code can break, change or be rewritten at any time without further notice; therefore, don't let your contributions stale, keep them fresh.

Issue reporting

Use the issue tracker to file bug reports on existing features or to propose new features for the software.

  • Bug reports should include enough information for making them reproducible. This is the best way for making sure that the issue can be fixed in first place. Provide as much context as you can: what was happening, what is your computer, your OS, your compiler... please note that bug reports without enough context could be sadly closed as invalid or not reproducible.

  • Technical suggestions should include an explanation on why is it a good idea to have this added into the project. Please note that, because of time constraints and because of having my own roadmap, I still reserve the right for rejecting suggestions that I consider don't fit within my project goals.

Pull requests

Please, do not send pull requests at this moment.

  • Because this code is done as a research and not as a serious project, there is some self-challenging factor in there that makes accepting external code look like cheating. I'm doing this project because I want to learn. Having other people do the project for me defeats this purpose.

  • As I said before, I have my own roadmap, and unexpected new features may disrupt my workflow. You might have used code that was soon to be deprecated or that already had been removed by the time you submitted your PR, for instance.

Forking this project

This code is still open source. Therefore, you are free to fork this project and modify it provided you do it on a way that doesn't conflicts with the open source license used by this project. For instance, if you want to use this research repository as a starting point for your own experiments.

Please note that most of the conventions for this repository don't apply for forks. This means that you are free to accept pull requests in your own fork, change the code of conduct and such.